Sun Dried Tomato Falafel Flatbreads

Firstly, I must apologise because I was meant to post this recipe on Friday.  Everything just caught up with me a bit last week; I had the cold, typhoon Hato hit Hong Kong, and the problems with my leaking water continue to get worse so all-in-all, not a great week!  But anyway, it's another week and I'm trying to get back on track.  The weather is still miserable and no good for food photography but surely it must stop raining soon?!

I love falafels because they are really quick and easy to make, but very tasty and filling.  Chickpeas are a great store cupboard staple, I always have a stash of both dried and canned, and I cook with them a lot.  For the flatbreads I have adapted, slightly, a Jamie Oliver recipe.  It is a fantastic recipe, that I use all the time, because it is so easy and needs very few ingredients.

Falafel wraps.jpg



For the flatbreads (Taken from Jamie Oliver's Easy Flatbread recipe)

350g Self-raising flour, plus extra for dusting

1 Tsp Baking powder

350g Natural yoghurt

2 Cloves of garlic, crushed

Bunch of fresh herbs

40g Butter

For the falafel

2 x 400g Cans of chickpeas, drained and washed

2 Cloves of garlic, chopped

2 Tbsp Plain flour

2 Tsp Ground Cumin

2 Tsp Ground Coriander

1 Tsp chilli powder

1 Red onion, chopped

12 Large sun dried tomatoes

Handful of fresh parsley

Salt & pepper

For the tzatziki

Half a large cucumber

250g Greek yoghurt

1 Large or 2 small cloves of garlic, crushed

3 Tbsp Lemon juice

1 Tbsp olive oil



  1. Firstly make the falafels.  Put all the falafel ingredients into a food processor and blend until quite smooth.  It is ok if the mixture still has some small lumps but the falafels will hold together better if it is fairly smooth.  Use your hands and form the mixture into 10-12 balls or patties.  Put on a plate and set to one side.
  2. Then get started on the tzatziki.  Wash the cucumber and then grate it into a sieve, over a bowl.  I don't bother peeling the cucumber first, I don't mind the green skin in the tzatziki, I quite like the texture that it adds.  Sprinkle over 1/2 tsp of salt and leave to one side to drain.
  3. For the flatbreads; put the flour, baking powder and yoghurt into a large mixing bowl and use a fork to bring the ingredients together to form a dough. Then use your hands to bring the dough mixture together and tip onto a floured work surface.  Knead for a minute or 2 to continue bringing the dough together.  Divide the dough into 6 portions and use a floured rolling pin to roll them out into rounds.  The dough can be quite sticky so continue to flour your work surface and rolling pin as necessary.
  4. To finish off the tzatziki use your hand, or the back of a spoon, to push as much liquid as possible out of the cucumber.  Whisk the lemon juice and olive oil into the yoghurt, and then combine this mixture with the cucumber and garlic.  Season to taste.
  5. To cook the falafels you can either fry in a little oil until crispy and golden, or for a healthier alternative bake at 180 degrees centigrade for 20-25 minutes, turning half way through.
  6. Whilst the falafels are cooking melt the butter and then stir in the crushed garlic and chopped fresh herbs.  Then heat a griddle pan, or frying pan, to a high heat and fry the flatbreads for a minute or two on either side, until they start to puff up and turn brown.  Brush all over with the herby garlic butter.
  7. Serve a warm flatbread topped with a couple of falafels, some fresh salad, and drizzle with the tzatziki.

Perfect for #meatfreemonday or ideal for kids lunch boxes.