.....and welcome to The Wee Scottish Whisk.  My name is Mhairi (va-ree), I am Scottish and I live in Hong Kong with my husband and daughter.  Starting a food blog has been on my 'life to-do list' for a long time, but there are a LOT of things on that list and I kept putting it off, voicing lack of time as my excuse.  Anyway I decided this year that I needed to inject some creativity back into my life and that it was finally time to start the blog.

So to commemorate my daughter's recent second birthday The Wee Scottish Whisk is born.  It is an insight to my Scottish family kitchen in Hong Kong, the food that I cook and the meals that we eat on a daily basis.  I hope that you enjoy reading and cooking the recipes featured.

If you want to find out more about me and my thoughts on food and cooking please visit the About page.