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Hello, and welcome to The Wee Scottish Whisk.

My name is Mhairi (a Scottish Gaelic name pronounced Va-ree).  I was born and bred in Scotland but now live in Hong Kong with my husband (Mr Whisk) and our two year old daughter (Little Whisk).

This is a blog about sharing my love of food, and passion for cooking.  I believe that cooking is not just for weekends or special occasions, it is a corner stone of the family.  My kitchen is a place to socialise, catch up on the day, chat, and inspire a love of healthy nutritious food in my young daughter.  I strongly believe in the importance of a balanced, mixed diet, made using the best quality ingredients available.  I love to eat almost anything and whilst I don't strictly follow any food exclusions I do try to limit refined sugar and processed carbohydrates. Everyone however, deserves a large slice of cake once in a while and I absolutely love to bake!!  My recipes are largely suitable for both adults and children alike, and my ethos is simple and tasty food that is achievable for a busy family.  I try to avoid processed foods as much as possible, and aim always to cook from scratch (where time allows).

Full disclosure, these are not all my own recipes - I work full time and unfortunately do not have as much time as I would like to focus on recipe development. This blog is largely a collection of my own recipes, family favourites that have been passed down to me, and favourite recipes shared by friends that I have borrowed and adapted. 

I hope that you enjoy the blog.  Please feel free to drop me a message and follow me on social media.


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