The Wee Scottish Whisk

The Wee Scottish Whisk

Recipes from my family kitchen.

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Sharing my passion for delicious home cooking.

All my recipes are created in my kitchen in Hong Kong.  I create recipes that are suitable for adults and children alike, and are achievable for a busy family. 


FAmily REcipes

Healthy recipes from my kitchen that

are suitable for all the family.

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I am passionate about cooking with the best quality ingredients that are available and limiting the amount of processed foods in our diet.  I love to eat almost anything and do not follow any strict diet restrictions, but I do try to limit refined sugar and processed carbohydrates where possible.  With The Wee Scottish Whisk I aim to bring you a variety of recipes that are healthy and easy to make; in either a limited time frame or with a small number of ingredients.  I love to batch cook and do my meal prep in advance, anything that makes the life of a busy parent easier!  My ultimate goal, however, is to feed my family a healthy diet and hopefully in turn give my daughter the same passion for home cooking that I learned from my mum. 


The Littlest Whisk

Recipes perfectly suited to the little ladies and gentlemen in your life.

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I don't believe in cooking different meals for each member of the family, there just isn't the time!  In our house we all eat the same but our eating habits have definitely changed since we have had to consider the appetite and requests of a toddler.  There are some recipes that I have developed specifically with Little Whisk in mind, and with The Littlest Whisk section of the blog I aim to bring you a variety of recipes that are aimed at toddlers, and young children, but can be enjoyed by the whole family.